Provably Fair Solutions.

Spliddit offers quick, free solutions to everyday fair division problems, using methods that provide indisputable fairness guarantees and build on decades of research in economics, mathematics, and computer science.

Share Rent

Moving into a new apartment with roommates? Create harmony by fairly assigning rooms and sharing the rent.

Split Fare

Fairly split taxi fare, or the cost of an Uber or Lyft ride, when sharing a ride with friends.

Assign Credit

Determine the contribution of each individual to a school project, academic paper, or business endeavor.

Divide Goods

Fairly divide jewelry, artworks, electronics, toys, furniture, financial assets, or even an entire estate.

Distribute Tasks

Divvy up household chores, work shifts, or tasks for a school project among two or more people.

Suggest an App

We're always looking for ideas for new apps. Have something else you'd like to divide?

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